Can someone upload their IE-GO-2-CG wildfire save? (thunder flash save uploaded)


I am attaching my thunderflash save file for Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono stone.
can someone reply with a complete (the story) save file for wildfire?
the file has story complete. it would be great if someone could give a save file with the story finished.


the save file now has team vamp beat,
i.e all secret link lvs are unlocked.
can someone give me a save file for wildfire unlocked to same lv? that is, with it’s version team beat?


i can help but i cant understand what do you want


open citra,
right click on Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono stone wildfire,
click open save data location,
copy the 2 files in the folder that opens,
send them to me.
u can send them to
[email protected]
or upload them and then give me the download link as the forums here don’t allow u to upload the files directly.
thanks in advance.


u want to secret right


plan to run 2 citra side by side to do it.


u still there???


yea sorry here is a hacked save witch has all the pass charters an all items so you can scout any thing
54V3_M3C4m4Rk.txt (56.2 KB)
just convert to rar insted to txt


thanks a mill!
btw how do u hack itimes in anyway?
i could not find any AR codes nor hex offsets for this game.


did you trade the charters and im a pro yeah and you cen get tezcat


I did,
thanks again.


and pro huh?
that must mean there are more ways to hack something in,
will have to look it up. :slight_smile: