Can someone upload their IE-GO-2-CG wildfire save? (thunder flash save uploaded)

I am attaching my thunderflash save file for Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono stone.
can someone reply with a complete (the story) save file for wildfire?
the file has story complete. it would be great if someone could give a save file with the story finished.

the save file now has team vamp beat,
i.e all secret link lvs are unlocked.
can someone give me a save file for wildfire unlocked to same lv? that is, with it’s version team beat?

i can help but i cant understand what do you want

open citra,
right click on Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Chrono stone wildfire,
click open save data location,
copy the 2 files in the folder that opens,
send them to me.
u can send them to
[email protected]
or upload them and then give me the download link as the forums here don’t allow u to upload the files directly.
thanks in advance.

u want to secret right

plan to run 2 citra side by side to do it.

u still there???

yea sorry here is a hacked save witch has all the pass charters an all items so you can scout any thing
54V3_M3C4m4Rk.txt (56.2 KB)
just convert to rar insted to txt

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thanks a mill!
btw how do u hack itimes in anyway?
i could not find any AR codes nor hex offsets for this game.

did you trade the charters and im a pro yeah and you cen get tezcat

I did,
thanks again.

and pro huh?
that must mean there are more ways to hack something in,
will have to look it up. :slight_smile:

ok good luck and do u play light or shine

did u decrypt the game file to look through it resources?
cos that is the only way I found to find what u need to change in the save file to get what and after that it is pretty ease.
as the hard part is figuring out what does what.
if u did do that u may want to post the way u put things in as there are many people who will thank you,
not to mention there are a ton of people who can’t wait to get there hands on the passwords.


well, that or u used your 3DS and an ntr plugin lol.
pity citra does not support plugins


and my 3ds is in no condition to play games, lol
all I can use it for is to dump data at this point.
citra saved me from having to give up on 3ds games as no way my parents will buy me another.

u used way 1 or way 2?
and thanks a mill.

way 3 rewriten the whole game

how does rewiring the game affect the save file?

it doesn’t and I made it like they join you instantly lol sol but can u please for the love of god link my shadow save

stuck here.
game.txt (35.7 KB)
change to zip file
my light save.
u try.

ok thanks and I’ll see it through