Can someone upload their IE-GO-2-CG wildfire save? (thunder flash save uploaded)


dude you can hack a save game
can i send you mine and change on it ?
please ?


isn’t there anyway to hack/unlock all characters preferably the download ones just after starting a new game?
seems like just loading a save file with most characters up to lvl99 and a completed story kinda ruins the fun.
cuz unlike most games, this one doesn’t have an ng+ mode which would’ve solved all of these problems.


im prety sure u can trade them


excuse the newb questions, but how do you do that exactly? i thought they were downloadables from the eshop, if that’s the case, i don’t think i’ve got much options.


nah they are pass players and its a hacked save that has them since they werent realesd to eurpoe


idk if you still there but i wanna now how can i trade players with two citra like side by side cuz i need to trade players from thunderflsh to wildfire and that i just wanna now how did you trade players ;-;?


i’m afraid we’ve both encountered the same problem, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to do it as of now.
See Linking Inazuma eleven go
i’d say try it an give us feedback.