Can we connect citra to the phone

an we connect citra to the phone

nope. you can’t connect citra to anything

Do you mean that u want to use ur phone screen as a controller? Good luck on doing this yourself.

thats an odd question, why do you want to connect it to ur phone? you have a pc. right? i mean not to judge but some people are posting fake videos about having a 3ds emulator in their phones which is a fake/virus surely, you’re not planning to port citra to ur phone just to fool people with fake videos right???

hmm maybe i went too far.

how about just wait for citra in an ANDROID/ios Version (if it’ll even exist in the future)

or wait for someone to make one themselves

cuz i get pis#ed when someone post that BS video and it not even real

100 % true! I had been checking those out. Most were useless, & some were viruses.