Can we get 3DS friend codes

Good Morning there.
I wanted to ask you something about the Friend Code. Yesterday, one of my Algerian Friend asked me my Friend Code and it was difficult to find it.
So do you know we can get the Friend Code on Citra Emulator ?

Thank you for your attention!

You don’t need a friend code. Friend codes, if I remember correctly, are used for the Nintendo Network system. Currently, Citra only supports the local WiFi model, which does not use friend codes. Going through Citra’s server list UI is sufficient for anything that doesn’t need to use Download Play or connect to Nintendo’s servers.

I think he is trying to add his friend who has an actual 3DS using Citra emulator. Which that isn’t a possibility at the moment nor do I think it ever will be.

You both either need to get 3DS’ or both get Citra and play on that.

OK thank you for your answers. I thought about it before I used Pokemon Showdown!

Can I play with friends on the go if we are both using citra? I’m looking for people to play with even if it’s a private server and etc.

Follow my isntagram top_tanzu, I have smash for 3ds on citra and I’m looking for people to play with I have a europe file of it but I’m pretty sure can still play as long as it’s it’s same version.