Can we get a little more detail on the Pokemon X and Y project?

We all know it’s being worked on. And I am incredibly appreciative of the people who I know are spending their time to work on this project which is free, when they could be doing other things. I get all of that. But for the past six months, at least, we’ve gotten the same vague message “be patient it’s being worked on.” Very little information.

Can we at least get a more detailed idea of what progress has been made, who is even working on it, and if there is even an idea of an ETA? 6 months? 1 year? I think at least giving us that would go a long way for the community.

Thanks again to whoever is working on it. And we do all appreciate. (I know this thread will probably be locked but I hope it isn’t. Not trying to cause any issues just have a meaningful discussion).

Lock this thread moderator pls

The only person currently working on the DSP LLE which supposedly should fix the games is @wwylele.

You can follow for updates regarding his work on it. It will be ready when it’s ready.


Afaik, wwylele is also working on refactoring the older parts of the Citra codebase, so it might be a while. But you can expect it to be present by Citra Nightly 10000 :stuck_out_tongue: