Can we play online?

Can we play online on browser for like people to not handle stress downloading or you can’t download or something or because your at school.

  1. The computers at your school probably aren’t strong enough to get good performance with Citra/Yuzu.
  2. How would you get the games when at school? You can’t download them as you said (which is illegal anyways) and if Citra/Yuzu would host them, that would be illegal too.
    You could bring a portable storage medium to carry your games, but then that’s probably against school policy. And at that point you could also just carry Citra/Yuzu on that storage medium.
  3. Pay attention at school and do something there instead of playing games. You sound very young so you still have a lot of spare time after school.
  4. Putting Citra/Yuzu on browsers is probably an impossible task as a regular web browser just can’t do what Citra/Yuzu requires.