Can we PLEASE use buttons to control motion?

So, my issue is pretty easy to get, I think. I’m playing Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and finally got to the 4th Giant fight… just to find it heavily uses motion controls.
Now, other parts of this game use motion controls too, but – thingy is – they were all optional. You didn’t need to use the Bros/Luiginary attacks with the motion controls to progress or anything, you had other options. NOT in the 4th Giant fight. You had to use the motion controls to survive multiple attacks.

That is the downfall of me in this game. Right-clicking was already not very good, and while booting up DS4Windows and using the Dualshock 4’s gyro, it ended up getting off-center with no way of re-centering it. Also, there is no way I’m gonna take my chances with Cemuhook.

So, hear my plea; add a system that lets you trigger the 3DS’s motion control thingies with the buttons! And also, if I’m wrong on stuff in this post, please, prove me wrong! I would love for one of the things I said you can’t do to be actually doable for me!

I know this likely won’t change anything, but in all honesty, this should be a feature in the emulator, so I’m at least gonna bring it up. Anyways, I’m ending this post here. I have a hard time ending writing thingies like this, but I got mad and I wanted to vent. I’m done now.

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