Can whe found shiny pokemon on pokemon x and y

in pokemon x and y whe can encounter shiny pokemons

Yes you can, but finding a shiny is rare, even on a 3DS. Iirc there’s a 1/4096 chance.

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there is a better(not good) chance of finding shiny pokemon after beating the elite 4 and champion.

There are many different ways to increase your odds.

-You could have two of the same species of Pokemon with one from a different region breed, this is known as the Masuda Method
-Complete the PokeDex to get the Shiny Charm which increases your odds
-In Pokemon X and Y use the move Sweet Sent to enter a Horde Battle. Each of the 5 Pokemon have a chance to be shiny.
-You can try chain fishing. Have a Pokemon in your party with the Suction Cup ability and then stand in one spot, and fish. Once you find the Pokemon you with to chain fish, keep fainting your target until you encounter a shiny Pokemon.
-Using the PokeRadar to chain the same Pokemon over and over increases the odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon, there are plenty of videos on Youtube going into the rules of chaining this way.
-You could also just luck out randomly and find one. If you see sparkles, it’s a shiny! Always have Pokeballs!

Even when following these methods it can take hours to finally encounter a shiny Pokemon! Be sure to dedicate allot of time if you plan on hunting!

Good luck and happy hunting!

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