Can you citra devs actually do something about luigi's mansion dark moon

im tired of waiting and so are alot of people its been like 3 year since this has become popular and we are still having these crashes

The problems with luigiā€™s mansion 2, and there are several, have been looked at. The crash during a certain ghost requiring use of a flashlight is being investigated, and may be resolvable. The overall excessively low speed is a much vaguer maybe. The game does some extremely odd things that work due to a bizarre edge case in how the 3ds hardware handles the graphical routines involved that a pc cannot do in anything even approaching the same way, making the efforts we take far far slower. This may or may not be improvable at all, you may simply have to have a much stronger pc for some time to come.

the thing is that a stronger pc wont dont much you know i have an $1,800 rig still cant catch ghosts