Can you have 2 versions of citra installed?

I have Citra Edge, which I use to play pokemon Sun.
lately, while trying to play pokemon Alpha Sapphire, I was told to install Bleding-Edge-86, cause there were no battle animations. my sun save disappeared, and there I couldn’t restore it, cause there was no “user” folder(where save files are usually kept). so I re-installed my other version again. now it won’t even open the Alpha Sapphire 3ds file, so I do need a different version. I don’t wanna touch my current version at all. so…can I somehow have both versions on my PC? or is there a version that runs both games and has a “user” or a similar folder?

I run multiple versions for testing just fine, older builds might need to have the user folder in the same folder as the .exe as the Roaming folder came later.

You can have multiple bleeding edge builds by downloading the nupkg file instead and extracting it with a file archiver. Older bleeding edge builds like BE-86 will use the user folder in its directory so you’ll have to copy the files from %appdata%/citra to it.