Can you make yuzu support direct 3d?

can you update it?It doesnt work with opengl & i know other emulators that also didnt work with opengl but they had direct 3d & that worked instead

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Yuzu requires OpenGL 4.3 with a few 4.5 extensions.

The possibility is there, but the Switch’s GPU uses something more similar to OpenGL compat, so for compatibility reasons, the priority is given to that.

What about the step to Vulkan? As it’s overall more friendlier for all hardware and it makes AMD atleast viable, since AMD itself doesn’t want to fix their OGL Drivers and not everybody want to make the step to Team Green expensive.

Vulkan is being implemented, but it’s a lot harder to get working than OpenGL thanks to missing characteristics.

No doubt as it’s also alot newer then OGL, it’s just that most emulators making the jump to OGL and more or less let their AMD users down by doing so. Sure it’s the fault of AMD themselves, but as in they don’t do much about it, it would be nice to see it from the other side to be fixed :slight_smile:

Work is being done on vulkan, just wait.

I know I am waiting, not asking to do the impossible and have it ready. Most games I play do work, but there are some moments that the FPS drops by 50% and here I sit with a 400+€ card lol.

You don’t need a huge GPU to emulate a console that has a small normal, almost desktop card.
A big CPU on the other hand…

It’s not that I bought this card specially for Citra, it’s just stupid that AMD refuses to fix their dumbness heh.

It it real, I will wait for the day light of god coming