Can you play original DS games on Cintra?

Hello, new to the community and this is first question. If I dump my original DS games can I play them with Cintra on my pc or should I use a different emulator? Would like to play some of my Megaman DS game on pc.
Second, I have a 3D projector and play games in 3D. Is it possible to play 3Ds games in stereoscopic 3D on the pc?? Thanks.

Citra does not emulate original DS games, you’ll want to use DesMuMe or MelonDS for that. Citra does not display stereoscopic 3D images.

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But only Citra can load custom textures.
Try to image your favourite NDS game in real 1080P!! Not some upscale filters but real clear and chean appearance like a PS4 game.
If NDS games could be like this will be so great,hope Citra can make it true someday