Can you shiny hunt on Citra?

HELLO, i have recently downloaded Citra in order to play Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon
My questions are: Is it possible to get shiny pokemon on Citra?
:black_circle: 1. Is it possible to hunt shiny pokemon in it?
:black_circle: 2. If they can be obtained in it, can you obtain pokemon like the starters by pressing F5(restarting) on the game until you get one? If not, is there a way that actually works?
:black_circle: 3. Are all the pokemon obtainable as shiny ? Legendaries too?
I’d really love to know these things because i’m a shiny hunter myself.

P.S: Don’t give me a way in which i can cheat on the game in order to get them, i hate that.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Of course you can shiny hunt, Citra doesn’t remove features built into a game.

Ok i agree on that but does pressing F5(restart) count as a soft reset? Or even is there a chance to get a shiny starter with it? Or is there another way you can get the starter as a shiny?

You can hit the restart button you can even stop and relaunch. they both count, the soft reset method is only used because its faster to restart then it is to stop and relaunch

can u shinny hunt if you quick save and load the save? as in in citra there is option for save state and i wonder if i can load state to shinny hunt or do i have to restart

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can i save before naming my pokemon and load if it’s not shiny to try again? or do i have to reboot?

the shiny roll happens the frame you hit a too choose one of the 3 and it closes

Of course you can shiny hunt, Citra doesn’t remove features built into a game
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