Canary features

So on the manual download page there are two builds Nightly and Canary. It says that Canary has features that nightly doesn’t have. But I’d like a little more detail. If there’s a nightly build that’s 2 hours old and a Canary build that 2 days old which is the very latest build?

Canary is basically dev builds which are most of the time faster and has all the bells and whistles that Citra has to offer but they are less polished than nightly builds.

Nightly on the other hand are very polished builds and you are most likely to experience less bugs and crashes with these builds. Though you won’t have the same speeds and features as Canary builds.

I haven’t tried nightly builds in a long time but (so far as i know) there really isn’t a feature that Canary has that nightly doesn’t.

honestly I couldn’t tell any difference. Same features same performance

That shouldn’t be happening. Canary currently has a huge performance increase over Nightly. What are your specs?

i7 3000k I also have a much newer computer. Hmm it appears you’re right at least when it comes to Star Fox 3D