Cannot catch Pokemon with joycon motion in Yuzu

As the title says, whenever I swing the joycon, it doesn’t catch the pokemon anymore.

I played the game last night and was able to catch Pokemon with both joycons. However after today’s update, I can’t seem to anymore.

Is this related to the yuzu update?
Currently using yuzu main build 782 at the time of this writing. Using default vulkan settings and native joycon support in Yuzu

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Try un pairing your joycons and re pairing them

Be sure for lets go pikachu or evee that you are actually using joycon as input profile and not handheld.

All other games in Yuzu are using the motions of joycon perfectly
Only in Pokemon let’s go Eevee I’m encountering this problem. I have already tried repairing and reconnecting my joycons. I believe it’s an issue within yuzu and not the joycons?

Make sure you’re emulating joy-cons and not handheld mode.