Cannot launch Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

When i launch the game it says error with running video core?yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (314.9 KB)

Update your GPU driver, and disable graphics debugging.

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still got the same message when i launch it :sob: :scream:
yuzu_log.txt (12.2 KB)

Try to change NVDEC emulation to CPU. I’ve heard that’s helping with launch crash on BDSP.

Ill try that later. A while ago i clicked on the Vulkan and Graphic High at the bottom row, changing them to opengl and graphic high. Then pressed play and i was about to play for a while. I closed the app, and went back in but i coukd play. Same error message again. Sigh.

If you keep getting the same issue, you didn’t update the driver, simple as that.

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Oof, I follow the link you gave and installed the update :sweat_smile: idk what else to do at this point hahahaba

Hi, i went to nvidia’s website and searched my GPU then downloaded the driver. Now its working.
Thanks a million.

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