Can't access admin page

My D-link604T has lost its connection. Based on previous advice on these forums I unplugged the router for a couple of minutes and tried again with no luck. I then tried to access the router admin pages on but I am just getting the ‘page not found’ malarkey. Any ideas folks?

are you sure this is your router ip? open a command prompt, type in ipconfig /all and press enter. look for the field(s) ‘Default Gateway’ and ‘DHCP Server’ (they should be the same).

Open a Command Prompt and enter ipconfig. look for “Default Gateway” which, if connected, will tell you your 192.168.l.254 router IP. This works wireless or wired. If 192.168. 0.1 refuses to connect, ensure that the router is connected to the correct ports and network . Then, reboot or reset the router, and ensure you have the correct login credentials from the router’s box. I’ve also talked about replacing your ethernet cable, and getting the right IP address for your Router.