Can't connect to Multiplayer(Pokemon Moon) in latest Canary build

Hey there, folks. The latest Canary build brought the prolific multiplayer support to 3ds games. But the problem that I am facing is how to connect to multiplayer, because every time I connect, citra shows me an error notification and closes off. What is it’s main use then if I can’t connect, especially in Pokemon games (Pokemon Moon)? And if I am making any big mistake, could anyone inform me how I should play with my friends, trade etc.
(For info: I did connect to a dedicated server/ public room and some of them are also informing me the same thing. And yes, I did go through Festival Plaza for Pokemon SUN/Moon and found none in Guest List/VIP.)
Solutions would be marvelous.

More info on that, please?

citra-qt.exe has stopped working-- That’s what I meant.

Can you give us the log file?

Do you get a region manifest error ? If so then please dump your system archives.

i have a similiar problem, he just says that i can’t connect

Ok to dump 3ds files you need a 3ds and what else I’m having a hard time doing this

You need a 3DS with a SD card and a SD card reader (if you don’t have one on your desktop / laptop).