Cant control both screens to trade pokemon

Issue: I can not control both screens with the same button at the same time. I have followed all the steps both your team and the online videos have stated to trade pokemon between 2 accounts including downloading a citra canary from the install exe and a manual download. I had inserted a folder into the manual download labeled “user” and managed to successfully create a separate citra instance that saved the data locally as opposed to the exe download that saved in my %appdat% the screenshot shows 2 different save data’s. I was also able to successfully pair the two up in a multiplayer instance where I could see both accounts connected to each other. My issue is that when I press a button to initiate the trade only the instance that I have highlighted registers that the button I am pressing is being pressed the other instance does not register any actions at all. When I switch to the other screen same thing. The screen I am on registers and the other one is stagnant. Other emulators I have used to trade pokemon had a setting or an instance that stated for emulator to run in the background thus allowing any button pressed to register on both the active screen and inactive and I am wondering if this emulator may have such settings? I have seen many other topics relating to this one but no one has stated what they did to resolve not beung able to map both screens to one button. i have went through and made sure that both instances where on seperate consol id’s and that all the button mapping for both instances was the same. Thank you for your time and if my issue is resolved I will more than gladly donate for I like this emulator and I appreciate the team’s effort.

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This is how citra works with keyboards, only the active window receives inputs. however there are many ways to circumvent this, take a look at this thread. however it can be tricky.

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