Can't download Citra- error

The :no_entry_sign: heads are our open source replacements so that games that require Mii’s don’t crash. You can fix this by dumping your 3DS’ system archives and shared fonts.

You can resize a QR-code’s picture a whole more painfully than it would be to implement something like that. For example (open the picture in seperate tabs to see what I mean):
This picture would be too big for the scanner:

Whilst this picture would scan just fine:
Both these images are the same size. The only thing different about them is that the QR-code-to-image size ratio of the second image is a lot less than the first image.

Google Pixel devices are 64-bit and it can run Citra on Google Pixel devices. 64-bit has more color palettes than 32-bit. Why Google Camera is supported only on Google Pixel devices and it isn’t compatible with POCO devices. Citra isn’t compatible with 32-bit due to color limit.

2-bit has 8 colors
4-bit has 16 colors
8-bit has 256 colors
16-bit has 65,536 colors
32-bit has 4,29,49,67,295 colors
64-bit has 34,359,738,360 colors

Why are you posting this in a year old topic? Nobody is talking about Google Pixel devices, nor the reason why Citra doesn’t have a 32-bit version.

3DS is 64-bit. Users can easily to buy Google Pixel devices to download Citra. Citra isn’t supported on 32-bit. It’s supported on 64-bit and requires Android 8.0 Version and up. Google Pixel devices are Android with 64-bit. Citra also can work on Google Pixel devices but requires Google Pixel 2 and up (Android 8.0 and up). Google Pixel 2 is Android 8.0

64-bit Android devices are EXPENSIVE. cost $800

Only incredibly low-end phones still come with a 32-bit Android version installed. With that, I mean only phones that cost around 100 dollars fall into that price bracket.

I bought my Poco X3 Pro “64-bit” phone for around 200 dollars. Works fine with Citra. Not every Android device is a Google pixel, it’s far from the only viable option for Citra. What’s most important is that the phone has a Snapdragon SoC for best performance. The latest pixel phone, doesn’t have one. So I wouldn’t recommend that.