Cant Dump Digital Games on Secondary Switch

Yesterday I dumped Mario Kart 8 from the cartridge and was able to get it running on yuzu. Today I started dumping my digital titles, I dont have too many, like 6 or so, but I cant get them running. Just to use Animal Crossing as an example, when I try to open it in yuzu, I get the message “The titlekey for this Rights ID could not be found.” Then it refers me to the yuzu guide to redump files.

I did dump my title.keys, prod.keys, and firmware yesterday, and like I said, Mario Kart 8 opens in yuzu fine.

I went back to nxdumptool, and the digital games all displayed the message:

retrieveNcaTikTitleKey: NCA rights ID unavailable in this console!

This is probably a pre-installed title, which explains why a ticket for it couldnt be found (even though its Rights ID field isn’t empty).

Do you want to proceed with the dump procedure anyway?

Bear in mind that no content decryption will be possible for this title in its current status.

I found this in searching about the problem:

One solution listed there is making my v1 switch the primary, then dumping the keys. As for safely going online, am I running a huge risk? I made a backup of my nand, is this something I need to restore before going online with the v1 switch as a primary console? Or would I just boot into the OFW and make this console the primary? Do I need to get a different sd card to redownload my digital games on?

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

The risk is zero unless you do stupid stuff like the list shows. Feel free to use your V1 for the process.
Dumping doesn’t make any permanent change, everything is gone after a reboot, so while a nand backup is not required, it’s nice to have it. Follow our guide: Quickstart Guide - yuzu