Can't Get Past Licensing Agreement?

This seems to be a fully or near-fully functioning emulator but when I try using the start up I get to the licensing agreement it won’t let me move past. There is no accept option and I can do nothing with the emulator.

licensing agreement where? on the installer? on a game? provide more details along with a screenshot and a log if your problem is a game.
log is located at:

Hope this is clear enough? I only got the back half in the screenshot, but it is the agreement for the emulator itself, and I cannot manage past it.

weird, it looks like some text isn’t being rendered properly.
see those two little circle on the left bottom portion of the screen?
they look like agreement choices, try to click on the second circle and see if it changes place/color and if the ‘Next’ becomes available.

Seems to have worked, thanks! I apparently just needed to click the first bubble. I think you were right, and some text just didn’t render.

Did you install Qt by yourself?

Hello. I’m also trying to enable the user agreement thing for my Citra emulator. However, I’m not sure what to do with my Mac OS X. Could you please tell me if there is a solution similar to this?

take a screenshot of the issue and describe it better.