Can't get to work C-Stick correctly

Well, as the title says, the C-Stick just doesn’t work as it should do. I’m trying to use it on my numpad to move around, and it worked perfectly a few days ago, but now with all this thing of the save states, I had to delete and put back a lot of folder and save files. When I tried to play again SMT IV Apocalypse, I tried to move, but it didn’t let me with the keys I had asigned for the C-Stick. But here’s the thing: when I disable my numpad, it let me use it to move, with a little tweak, since now I have to press 2 to move “down” when it was the number 5 I had to press to do that. I also tried playing another game like FE Echoes, but the problem persisted. Dunno if I messed with the config file or something, but it’s kinda annoying I can’t use the numpad as I used to.

System Information

citra_log.txt (169.3 KB)

No game was booted in your log. If you are experiencing a crash then do not open citra again until after you posted the log as it gets purged when you reopen citra.
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Never mind, I think I figured out that the games I’m even playing don’t use AT ALL the C-Stick. I had to remap the numpad keys to the circle pad section. Guess next time I need to check if the game supports the C-Stick in the first place :clown_face: