[Can't Get Token] Error. There was an error processing your request. Please try again later

Won’t let me get token:
I know there’s been other posts about this, but it’s not allowing me to get a token when I press it. This is with the website. https://profile.citra-emu.org


yeah same issue for me all the time …

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same for me, on multiple devices

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same issue here, tried last night and today

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same, there is no way to access the profile tab

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Hi, anybody found a solution yet?

Same issue all the way.

sadly not seems like its some issue on their backend …

yeah this is bad i can´t get mi token

Have they not fixed this yet?

same issue, I can’t get my token

Hi, we’ve had some issues with the server recently, but it should be resolved now. If you still can’t access the token, try making a small edit to your user profile (doesn’t matter what kind of edit). That will update the token information server side and generate a new token for you. You should be able to retrieve your token afterwards.