Can't go to the location

Have a problem with monster hunter generation. Everything is normal in the village, but when I accept the mission and go to the location, I get the loading screen, but I can hear and interact with the characters. What can I do to fix this?

System Information

  • Operating System: windows 10
  • CPU: Intel i5-7300U
  • GPU: intel hd 620
  • Citra nightly 1930
  • Game: Monster hunter generation

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (5.0 KB)

The log only says you opened Citra then closed, did you accidentally reopen Citra after you closed the game? Citra wipes the log every time you open it.

Have the log folder open in the background so you can upload right after you close the game and Citra.

citra_log.txt (31.8 KB)

GL_VERSION: 4.3.0 - Build

This driver is outdated (it’s from 2018), you need to update.

You will need to do this in parts since you are on a laptop.

  1. Make sure Windows is updated, you should be on 21H2 or 22H2. You can check what you currently have by opening winver (do a simple Windows search near the Start button).

  2. Update to 6373 (it’s needed so you can use the latest installer later)
    then follow this guide to install it:

  3. Download and install Intel 6th-10th Gen Processor Graphics - Windows* from
    Direct link:

Core_CPUClockPercentage: 105

Set this back to 100% otherwise emulation will be unstable.

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it worked, thank you very much

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