Can't Host Room: 'Room Not Registered'

ive been using citra for like?? maybe 3 months and i never thought about playing on the multiplayer servers until i started playing the pokemon games so i could trade and stuff.

i found out recently that i couldnt create rooms despite being verified with my token from this forum account… and then i found out that maybe i dont have enough trust levels to host?

could me not being able to host correlate with the level i have on citra? everything seems to be fine, i just can’t host but can join servers just fine!

(main reason i wanna host is to find someone to trade with, the servers on there are kinda dull lol)

UPDATE: i can host on other platforms just fine with different games outside of citra (steam is one of them) so ik its not my mac thats the problem

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Are you sure your username and token are correct? did you click on ‘Verify’? because citra should display your forum pic besides your name on your room (i’m not 100% sure because i’m using a default name pic and not a custom pic). if you have an antivirus or a firewall, add an exception for citra-qt.

you also need to port forward whatever port you are using to create your room (you only need to port forward an UDP port). check your modem/router model/name and search online on how to port forward on it.


ye. i was messing around with nightly and canary ;; i dont have antivirus up either :0!! and my firewall now allows incoming connections through citra-qt for both nightly and canary – just tried to host and the same pop up appeared :frowning:

i think ive done porting, too since i have no issues hosting rooms on other games & platforms??

every single app is specific to the port it uses, make sure to port forward citra’s specific port (which is whatever port you use when you create a room).

however i haven’t port forward citra on my modem and i’m able to host a room without any error message (of course no one can connect with port forwarding). try this, close citra and deletethe qt-config.ini file on ~/.config/citra-emu/ or ~/.local/share/citra-emu/, its inside one of these folders or inside a folder inside them, i don’t remember exactly.

which citra build are you on? try using the latest canary/nightly build.

updated canary this morning and i mostly use nightly!


not sure which one youre referring to since i couldn’t find it dhasklhdjsa

the qt-config.ini file has to be in one of these two folders (or in a folder inside them) i mentioned above

i clicked on every folder in both and i cant seem to find qt-config.ini, i’m on a mac if that helps? it doesnt pop up on search, either ;; - ;;

(sorry this is a bit difficult)

maybe its different on mac, but its your config file, its where your citra settings is stored, maybe in a .ini file with a different name, but if you look inside you may see the your inputs, settings, etc.

bio3c! I found out how to fix it!

it was the preferred game option. it was empty, but once i added games to my game directory instead of doing ‘load file’ i can now host!

My picture and user shows up now.

I would advise everyone who still have problems hosting to try this:

  1. put your game files into folders like i did!
    alpha sapphire (folder) -> alpha sapphire (file for game)
    ultra sun (folder) -> ultra sun (file for game)

  2. if you don’t see the (+ ADD NEW GAME DIRECTORY) then load a game, click emulation and ‘stop’, the +ADD NEW GAME DIRECTORY should show up!

  3. when you reach to that part, double click on + and click on your game folder, NOT file!

  4. your games should pop up with an icon next to it, like this!


  1. when you post publicaly, preferred games should have options for games now!!


  1. when you host, your profile picture (if you have one :0), citra forum name & nickname should appear under members, and not just your nickname with no profile picture.

I hope this works for someone else too!! o uo