Can't install Yuzu anymore

My yuzu broke after last updated and I couldn’t lauch it anymore, so I’ve tried to reinstall it but its not working either. What should I do?


[19:57:37][liftinstall][INFO] yuzu installer
[19:57:37][liftinstall][INFO] Starting fresh install
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::rest::server][INFO] Spawning server instance @ V6([::1]:50704)
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::rest::server][INFO] Spawning server instance @ V4(
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::ui][INFO] Spawning web view instance
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Making HTTP request to /api/dark-mode
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Making HTTP request to /api/installation-status
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Vue started
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Making HTTP request to /api/config
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::rest::services::config][INFO] Downloading configuration from “”…
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::rest::services::config][INFO] Configuration file downloaded successfully.
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Making HTTP request to /api/default-path
[19:57:37][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Next stop: “/packages”
[19:57:38][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Installer kind: regular
[19:57:38][liftinstall::frontend::js][INFO] Making streaming HTTP request to /api/start-install
[19:57:38][liftinstall::installer][INFO] Framework: Installing [“yuzu”] to “C:\Users\Raquel\AppData\Local\yuzu”
[19:57:38][liftinstall::installer][INFO] Dependency tree:
├── Pre EnsureOnlyInstanceTask
├── Pre VerifyInstallDirTask (with clean-install = true)
├── Pre InstallPackageTask (for “yuzu”)
│ ├── Pre DownloadPackageTask (for “yuzu”)
│ │ └── Pre ResolvePackageTask (for “yuzu”)
│ ├── Pre UninstallPackageTask (for “yuzu”, optional = true)
│ │ ├── Pre UninstallShortcutsTask (for “yuzu”, optional = true)
│ │ └── Post SaveDatabaseTask
│ ├── Pre InstallShortcutsTask (for “yuzu”)
│ └── Post SaveDatabaseTask
├── Pre SaveExecutableTask
└── Pre InstallGlobalShortcutsTask
└── Post SaveDatabaseTask
[19:57:38][liftinstall::frontend::rest::services::install][ERROR] Install error occurred: “Install destination (“C:\\Users\\Raquel\\AppData\\Local\\yuzu”) is not empty.”
[19:57:40][liftinstall::installer][INFO] Shutting down installer framework…

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

I have already deactivated my antivirus too.

Have you downloaded a newer installer from the site?