Cant launch any game

Using a fresh install of yuzu, it gets stuck at “launching…” I dont know what to do.

Ryujin is working fine with the same FW and keys

yuzu_log.txt (13.0 KB)

downgrade your gpu drivers to 512.95 for vulkan to work best here.

same thing.

I have tried opengl as well, same problem
yuzu_log.txt (13.2 KB)

Wouldn’t shock then if it is just emulator issue. Make a github issue for it if you are able and stick to it on ryujinx for now if it works properly there.

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will do for now, thanks

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Sorry for the inconvenience :pray:

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my game not opening when trying to open it says yuzu not responding
yuzu_log.txt (5.3 KB)
yuzu_log.txt.old.txt (5.1 KB) set 20000 for initial and max size since you only have so much memory available on your pc

Wouldn’t hurt for you to update yuzu either. You’re using an old version. Latest is Releases · yuzu-emu/yuzu-mainline · GitHub 1346

yuzu_log.txt (9.4 KB)

You managed to break your gpu drivers. Update to latest. Dump everything properly from your console as well Quickstart Guide - yuzu