Can't load shaders in Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.3

Played New Horizons 1.3 for 2~3 days on main build with no major issues, Played the game as usual,saved and quit,noticed that the yuzu shortcut on desktop disappeared all of a sudden,immediately relaunched, New Horizons couldn’t load the shaders all of a sudden and kept crashing. (on the exact same shader number).

I tried deleting the shaders file and relaunched. Now I can get past the shaders loading screen but the game still crashes on the island loading screen.

Ryzen 5 3500x 6-core 3.60 ghz
gtx 1660 super
windows 10
16gb ram
newest driver

yuzu_log.txt (899.4 KB)

Asking the devs, I’ll contact you when I get something.

This latest build, 313, is broken, so wait a bit for the next one.

Downloaded build 315 and the game works again, thanks.

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