Can't Make ROM for Pokémon Sun Digital Version

I can’t create a ROM. Says, "Failed to determine system mode"
I used this guide:

But I’ve had no luck. I have been trying to decrypt my Pokémon Moon version installed onto my 3ds. The digital version. When I load the file I get the error, “Failed to determine system mode” I have no idea how to fix that

System Information

Paste your entire console window log here.

In order to save a copy of the log, follow this guide: How to Upload the Log File

Do you use Braindump? Because it doesn’t work with games that were released after the 9.6 version.
For those, you’d better use Decrypt9, because at this moment, you can use it with Fasthax and Safehax to dump your own games in any version.
(Through, if you want, you can follow Plailect’s Guide to modify your console).

I’m using decrypt. Also, think you can link me to that guide?

I’m sure the guide he’s referring to is just the guide to hardmod your console, which is unnecessary right now.

Yep, that one, through the Citra Wiki doesn’t talk about the Fasthax and Safehax method to make Decrypt9 to work.

That’s the newest method, but it’s more or less the same as before.

I’m using that method to launch decrypt. Whenever I finish getting the numbers inputed and the file exported I can’t seem to launch it in game. I am NOT using the EmuNAND method, so would that be the problem?

Did you dumped your own 3DS files following those guides?

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I didn’t use any of those guides. Only this one:

I think that I’ve found your problem.
If you want to increase the compatibility of Citra and make more games to boot (even some popular ones, like the Pokémon ones), you have to dump those files from your own 3DS using those guides that I’ve linked to you, and then, put those files on C:\Users*your username here*\AppData\Roaming\Citra if you’re using the Bleeding Edge build.

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I’ll be using those methods. I’ll reply if it was successful. Thanks for the help so far <3

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@Lex_Light I’ve stumbled upon a road bump. I can’t launch the cia file created within decrypt. :confused:Uploading…

You have to dump your installed titles as a CXI using Decrypt9 by using this tutorial:

Through, there’s a program called Makerom that can convert a CIA into a CXI, through it’s kinda complex:

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Alright, now this time whenever I dump it says "SD CXI Dumper (SysNAND dir.): failed !"
But before that it says “Content has bad size”. The file says it’s 3142524 kB big, so maybe that’s the problem?

Maybe the ROM didn’t get decrypted? After you dump it, try decrypting it by going to Content Decryptor Options -> SD File Options -> SD Decryptor/Encryptor.

I think the problem was I didn’t dump right. Now when I’m trying to dump Pokemon Moon I get the "Content has bad size
followed by a bright red failed error.

@Lex_Light THANK YOU SO MUCH! I finally managed to make the rom. Sacrificed my Pokémon X data, but worth it.

Not a problem.
Through, for the next time, you could use programs like JKSM to backup your saves.

Now you tell me… xPstrong text