Can't open pokemon sword &shield pls help i am using vulkan cuz i have amd radeon and in opengl it is giving only 5-9 fps

yuzu_log.txt (37.1 KB)

Disable async shaders in config graphics advanced. As well update GPU drivers.

but my gpu drivers are update and it still isnt working

Could be your hardware doesn’t provide the minimum required vulkan version or the extensions it requires.

my Vulkan™ API Version is 1.1.108 which is compatible for vulcan
can you help with opengl i am getting only 5-9 fps while playing pokemon sword and sheild

You will require more modern hardware to achieve better performance.

Also yuzu requires vulkan 1.1* afaik.

can i get atleast 20fps if i use open gl?

plz suggest me can upgrade it? if yes then how

Quickstart Guide - yuzu can use this for rough idea on hardware requirements. Can try to buy better cpu and gpu - memory.

Manually installing the latest GPU driver for your laptop can help somewhat, but don’t expect good performance out of integrated Intel GPUs.
Here: Intel® Graphics – Windows* DCH Drivers