Can't pair more than 4 controllers [Smash Ultimate 5+ players]

I’m currently streaming SSBU over on Parsec with some buddies. I configured all 8 controllers ports and they seem to connect in-game but only 4 controllers can play at once for some reason. I tried searching about this, found nothing. On Cemu it’s possible to play a 8-player smash on Smash 4 if you use directinput, but I can’t find out how I can use directinput on Yuzu or what even kind of input API yuzu uses. Is there anything I can do or i’ll just have to deal with it for now?

My qt-config.ini with input details:
qt-config.txt (48.3 KB)

Yuzu uses both directinput and xinput. Did you try using x360ce for the remaining 4 controllers?