Can't play games on a straight 30 fps

10 fps on Citra android:
I can’t play on Citra emulator for just straight 25 fps

System Information

  • Phone: Realme C3
  • Operating System: Android
  • CPU: Mediatek G70
  • GPU: None
  • Citra Version: Citra mmj
  • Game: All games
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I know that but i have a phone not a pc

i was tested all YouTube tutorials but no changes

Citra does not provide support for unofficial builds. They may introduce new bugs, contain GPL violations, or may even contain a virus.
Citra mmj is an unofficial build that is not maintained, nor supported by the official citra team.
The official Citra Android app is called Citra Emulator and can be found on the play store on any android device (unless you have a 32-bit phone).
Do keep in mind though that Citra Android requires pretty beefy specs from your phone’s hardware, as well as a Snapdragon SoC. Your current phone is unlikely to have full 100% performance on our app.

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