Can't see the game unless in fullscreen

PC specs :

Intel G2020 2.9GHz
Nvidia Geforce GT 9500 512mb ddr2 (Driver 290.53 beta)
Ram 4GB ddr3 1333mhz
Hello guys, i’m using the latest canary build and the latest valentin build, but i’m not seeing the game unless i use fullscreen, if i use the driver version 300 and up, the game is shown, but since the driver version 300 and up give me much of driver display opengl error code 3, i have to use the previous build which is more stable
Do any of you know exactly the problem?
I’m not in a rush tough, since i can still play using fullscreen as of now, it’s only matter when i’m playing online, since i can’t see the chat room in fullscreen

We only provide support for the Nightly Builds downloaded from the official site, preferably recent ones.