Can't see the games RAM on self compiled builds

In the Nightlies I’m able to see the games RAM when I open Citra in HxD. But when I compile Citra myself from the latest source I can’t.
I have seen that there are many build options available when generating the solution files with cmake. Does any of these make the RAM visible again? Or is there anything else I could do?

Thanks in advance!

What do you mean by Games RAM? No such thing is visible in HxD. Why do you want it anyway?

You actually can view the RAM of applications in hxd

I use HxD. Can you please tell me where I can see it ?

I meant the games process. I want it to do some research for save hacking in some games. Sometimes it’s faster to see values changed in the RAM then in the save files. Also not everything that is visible in RAM get’s written to the save file.
Well, on my 3DS I could still use BootNTR with the memory viewer plugin, but I think it’s more comfortable to do it on an emulator instead.

To view RAM in HxD go to Extras > Open RAM and choose citra. I’m not sure where exactly citra stores the 3DS processes into it’s own RAM but the data is there. Just not in self compiled builds.