Can't seem to access DLC for ACNH

Hello all. I had a question about the DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons. A few weeks ago I got a hacked switch and was dumping my games, updates, and dlc’s. I logged in to my v1 switch and set it to my primary so I can download my digital purchases and dump my title keys.

I’ve been playing ACNH in yuzu, its been working well. The game is updated to 2.0.5, and in yuzu it shows that the dlc is installed. If its important, in the yuzu menu it says “DLC (301)”

So this whole time I’ve assumed that the acnh dlc is installed and I’ve just been waiting on progressing through the necessary events until I can access it. I’ve met all the in game requirements, and thats what prompted me into looking more into it. In searching, I’ve seen that there should be a little house icon next to the version number. I loaded up the game on my wifes v2 switch, and do see it there, but on yuzu, I dont see it next to the version number.

Did I do something wrong in dumping the dlc? The files I dumped with the v1 switch are the base acnh, which is 6.23gb, the update is 3.95gb, and the dlc file that was dumped is 119kb. They all installed fine, but like I said, I just cant seem to access the dlc. Any help is appreciated.

And just to add, I have 2 other games that have dlc that I dumped and installed into yuzu. Tetris 99 and Snipperclips, and they both seem to register/work. I can access the 2 player mode in the tetris 99 dlc, and on the snipperclips menu it does say ‘plus’ next to the title.

Anyways, any help is appreciated, thank you!

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

You’re trying to install happy home paradise DLC I suppose? that installs as DLC 1000.

301 is another DLC, the Nook Inc. silk rug.

So you dumped and thus installed another DLC.

Hi there! That did point me in the right direction, thank you! I went back to nxdumptool, and saw that on the dlc line, you could select different ones to dump. I didnt have any other game that has multiple dlc’s, so I didnt know about that, I was just selecting the default option when I was dumping everything. I installed it to yuzu, and it loaded up the way it should. Thank you!