Cant seem to find the link to download a user folder

im probably being stupid but can someone either tell me where to find it or just send me the link please? thanks in advance!

are you trying to find user folder from the internet? or you trying to find your user folder from your computer/laptop?

from my computer so i can do battles and trades and all that but i just cant seem to find it.

i just really need to know what else i need to do so i can connect to other people because it just crashed everytime because i dont have a user folder and all which i cant find the link too

See the user directory wiki for location.

on Windows, the path is C:/Users/[your-user-name]/AppData/Roaming/Citra/. Note that the folder AppData is hidden by default, so you need to change the configuration to view it.
in old version of Citra, the user directory used to be the user folder in the same directory as the Citra executable.

on macOS and Linux, the path is ~/.local/share/citra-emu/. Note that the folder .local is hidden on most machines, so you need to change the configuration to view it. Additionally, the config folder is located in ~/.config/citra-emu/.

And no citra does not crash because you don’t have a user-directory. If it does crash, you should post the log for it by following this guide.