Can't start Animal Crossing

When I try to start Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a fatal error occurs and the game doesn’t start. I’m using the Nightly HEAD-cf9bfe0 version. The game also doesn’t appear in my list of games; Pokemon Ultra Moon, which runs perfectly fine, appears on that list. Is it just an issue with my rom?
I did not dump Mii Data because I do not plan on using the Mii function. If it is required for the game to launch, however, I apologize for making this topic when the fix is so simple.

System Information

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (146.8 KB)

I found some issues in that log that need resolving:

Nice bot, I guess it was stupid of me to ask in the first place :slight_smile:
It works.

Hello,Im having the same problems but I didnt really get what I have to do…English isnt my main language and its problaly the issue.Im sorry if Its really obvious I really didnt get it. :neutral_face:

Upload a log: How to Upload the Log File