Captain toad is playable nice job devs

i just bought captain toad and immediately try it out for citra and the game is in okay compatability because in the beginning of the game the book automatically flip it pages right to the very end and it has a 10 - 15 seconds loading time, it stutters sometimes, the graphics is good when upscaling it the game runs 20 - 30 fps on my rig and this is a 30 fps game. already submitted my compatability test to the site

i3 4010U @1.7Ghz
4GB DDR3 Ram

how well does captain toad run on your pc?

Hmmm, there are FPS drops most of the time, but it tries to keep up with 30FPS max. I upscaled the resolution by 4x, but there aren’t any differences if I put it on a lower resolution. I also noticed that the Toads have weird shadow rendering on their heads. not sure if that’s emulation issue or that’s how it is in the game itself.

Game is perfect when played on Citra. There can sometimes be minor FPS drops, but that’s nothing to worry about.
But there’s a different problem. Game is playable up to a point as Citra doesn’t support microphone input and because of that you can’t finish level 14 of episode 1 and play next levels.
Is there a workaround?

Right now, no, Citra doesn’t implement the 3DS microphone.

oh well i guess ill be back on playing it on cemu :slight_smile:

the game will be playable if someone upload their save file from the real 3ds