Changing the controls crashed the emulator? some warnings in the command report -

can i get some info on what is wrong?
where it says warning is <> between… didn’t showup, don’t know if you can tell anyways
[ 383.508841] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:LoadComponent:154: Structures hash: 0x228655de1258d999
[ 383.509082] Service.DSP Warning core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:LoadComponent:159: (STUBBED) called size=0xC25C, prog_mask=0x000000FF, data_mask=0x000900FF, buffer=0x00659BAC
[ 383.510277] Service.DSP core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:RegisterInterruptEvents:251: Registered type=2, pipe=2, event_handle=0x00098021
[ 383.510641] Service.DSP Warning core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:GetSemaphoreEventHandle:176: (STUBBED) called
[ 383.510973] Service.DSP Warning core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphoreMask:473: (STUBBED) called mask=0x00002000
[ 383.511417] Audio.DSP audio_core/hle/hle.cpp:PipeWrite:149: Application has requested initialization of DSP hardware
[ 383.511654] Service.DSP Warning core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphore:274: (STUBBED) called
[ 383.513118] Service.DSP Warning core/hle/service/dsp_dsp.cpp:SetSemaphore:274: (STUBBED) called
[ 383.772130] Service.LDR Warning core/hle/service/ldr_ro/ldr_ro.cpp:LoadCRR:169: (STUBBED) called, crr_buffer_ptr=0x0823E000, crr_size=0x00008000
[ 383.789473] Service.GSP Warning core/hle/service/gsp/gsp_gpu.cpp:AcquireRight:665: called flag=00000000 process=10 thread_id=0
[ 384.042069] Service.FRD Warning core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:SetClientSdkVersion:147: (STUBBED) called, version: 0x0B0401C8
[ 384.043210] Service.FRD Warning core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:GetMyPresence:34: (STUBBED) called
[ 384.044338] Service.FRD Warning core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:GetFriendKeyList:49: (STUBBED) called, unknown=0, frd_count=100
[ 384.053540] Service.BOSS Warning core/hle/service/boss/boss.cpp:InitializeSession:40: (STUBBED) unk_param=0x0000000000000000, translation=0x00000020, unk_param4=0x00000000
[ 384.054382] Service.NDM Warning core/hle/service/ndm/ndm.cpp:ResumeDaemons:107: (STUBBED) daemon_bit_mask=0x0000000B
[ 384.054989] Service.NDM Warning core/hle/service/ndm/ndm.cpp:ResumeDaemons:107: (STUBBED) daemon_bit_mask=0x0000000F
[ 384.056434] Service.BOSS Warning core/hle/service/boss/boss.cpp:GetStorageEntryInfo:866: (STUBBED) called
[ 384.057270] Service.BOSS Warning core/hle/service/boss/boss.cpp:UnregisterStorage:66: (STUBBED) called
[ 384.058050] Service.BOSS Warning core/hle/service/boss/boss.cpp:RegisterStorageEntry:855: (STUBBED) unk_param1=0x00001B50, unk_param2=0x00000000, unk_param3=0x00100000, unk_param4=0x00000001, unk_param5=0x00000001
[ 384.325306] Service.APT Warning core/hle/service/apt/apt.cpp:SetScreenCapPostPermission:584: (STUBBED) screen_capture_post_permission=3
[ 384.383823] Service.FRD Warning core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:GetMyFriendKey:88: (STUBBED) called
[ 384.396549] Service.FRD Warning core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:GetMyFriendKey:88: (STUBBED) called
[ 384.660979] Service.FRD Warning core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:GetMyFriendKey:88: (STUBBED) called
[ 384.729702] Service.LDR core/hle/service/ldr_ro/cro_helper.cpp:ApplyStaticAnonymousSymbolToCRS:554: CRO “LangSelect” exports 0 static anonymous symbols
[ 384.731032] Service.LDR core/hle/service/ldr_ro/cro_helper.cpp:ApplyModuleExport:980: CRO “LangSelect” exports 0 indexed symbols to “|static|”
[ 384.731540] Service.LDR core/hle/service/ldr_ro/cro_helper.cpp:ApplyModuleExport:997: CRO “LangSelect” exports 2 anonymous symbols to “|static|”
[ 384.732024] Service.LDR core/hle/service/ldr_ro/ldr_ro.cpp:LoadCRO:375: CRO “LangSelect” loaded at 0x006DD000, fixed_end=0x006E8000
[ 385.350192] Service.FS Warning core/hle/service/fs/archive.cpp:OpenLinkFile:231: (STUBBED) File command OpenLinkFile Path: [Binary: 000000000000000000000000]
[ 402.056298] Service.FRD Warning core/hle/service/frd/frd.cpp:GetMyFriendKey:88: (STUBBED) called

my experience with this emulator and pokemon ultra sun so far:
after downloading the emulator, it started fast and with ease, i applied the game using load file.
it started and i was greeted with the select language screen.
i decided to check the controls and found that they were far from what i use for pokemon games on other emulator, so i decided to change them.
after i selected ok, the game or emulator crashed in a way i cannot remember.
i decided to relanch the emulator but this time i only got 2 lines of dialogue and getting the actual emulator took like 30sec or more depending on the number of attempts to follow.
i experienced that the emulator would be stuck in does not respond for a little while but worked fine as always after a an unknown delay, a little longer than it took to get the emulator to lanch and get passed the report black screen thingy…
i proceeded to launch the game again with load file which gave me a frozen does not respond state with the game not launching.
i found the solution which was to choose the game directory and double click the game from the emulator image or bar. i have only done this ones.
interestingly, i decided to try and change the controls again and thought it had crashed, but a few seconds later, the does not respond disapeared, i change controls again to what i normally play with and it was almost instant with the only problems being that the emulator lags a little with the sound doing the same… i have never ones experienced that changing the controls on an emulator or any game for that matter lags it.

i hope i haven’t went on for too long, but i think this describes pretty much everything…
i haven’t mentioned any computer details yet which i can do ones i at least have a clue if i should be worried about the warnings, i might not need help if the game actually works fine from this point on, we will see i suppose…

Change around the input settings while the game is not running.