Cheat engine problem


when i try to use cheat engine on Dragon quest 8 on the citra emulator

this error message popups for me, CitraBaseAOB not found, what could that error mean

Moving to general because we don’t provide official support for 3rd party tools.

how can i remove that error so i can use the dragon quest 8 cheat engine cheat tables

cheat engine always breaks on citra because this emulator always updates way to offen now

you guys were the ones that took out the cheat tab on this emulator that made it easier to cheat on games

You’ve already been instructed that we do not provide support for 3rd party tools and software.

How can i cheat on my games then using this emulator

I have autism and OCD and i know nothing but coding software okay

There used to be a cheat function in Citra, but it’s been removed as it had issues due to Citra’s memory layout being inaccurate. So, for now (and the foreseeable future), you do need to use Cheat Engine. I’m not familiar with it myself.

I like dragon quest 8 on the 3ds alot, but i can’t play it unless i can cheat on it

and the cheat tables i am using no longer work with the citra emualtor at all

so what should i do

is there anyway you guys can ask the citra devs to see if they bring back the cheat tab on the citra emultator please for me

can you describe step by step how are you trying to use cheat engine with citra?

1: i turn on cheat engine

2: i turn on the citra emulator with the dragon quest 8 game

3: and then i point the cheat engine dragon quest 8 cheat tables to the citra emulator

4: this error message comes up after i am done doing all of that CitraBaseAOB not found

Did you make the cheats yourself your did get from someone else?
either way cheat engine can’t map to the same memory address on different executable’s, that is, any cheat that you create will only work for that same citra version, if you update citra the cheats won’t work. if you got from someone else, try using the same citra version and/or ask for help from this person/forum.

Unless you’re good at debugging and/or tracking down pointers(try the advanced tutorial that comes with Cheat Engine) you won’t be able to re-use Cheat Engine cheats from one session to another like you could with Gameshark codes on a real console. That’s because things will always be in different places in memory. The pointers, too might change when Citra updates.

You’ll have to find your cheats again by searching with each new session. Look at the basic tutorial that comes with cheat engine to learn how if you don’t know.

OP pm me, he got the cheat table from a forum, eventually he found the same citra build from the cheat table that he got.

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