Cheat Engine // speed hack


I am trying to use speed hack in cheat engine but it is not working,

The speed wont increase or decrease noting that I tried cheat engine with a different type of emulator & it sped up the game.

My question is, is there a speed hack i can use & can cheat engine speed hack works.

No. There is no magic way to make Citra faster.
Citra uses the best settings by default.

Cheat Engine cannot make Citra faster.

The only way to make Citra be faster is by upgrading your CPU.


There is no such speed hack. There are only 2 ways to make Citra faster :

  1. Tinker with your CPU’s clock settings. NOT RECOMMENDED
  2. Upgrade your CPU

I wouldn’t go and completely say this isn’t recommened, assuming your CPU does support overclocking.

I wouldn’t recommend it for him. If someone doesn’t know that cheat engine doesn’t have speed hacks, he should not try overclocking a CPU without someone helping him. I’ve seen what happens when things go awry. Absolute disaster.

I spent all that time trying to get my PC faster for nothing?!

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