Cheat option please


is there anyway to put the cheat option back on the citra emulator please

because cheat engine does not want to work on citra at all

Unfortunately, as far as I understand, cheats are not a priority, maybe more in the future but it is not currently in process.

PS: Sorry for my bad English.

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how can i cheat on my games then using citra if cheat engine does not want to work on it

why did they remove the cheat option for

Cheat Engine (i’m on 6.7) works just fine, newer version probably works too.

The cheat option was removed as the 3DS memory layout is not the same as Citra’s, which caused some cheats to malfunction at random.

how can i put gateshark cheats into the cheat engine program

I do not understand cheat engine langauage okay

you can try this tutorial, i have no idea if it works: Using Gameshark Codes with Citra and Cheat Engine

remember that you can always search for save editors, in-game cheats, etc.
and its not hard to use cheat engine if you need something simple like increasing some value (exp, money). which you can learn in minutes if you follow the cheat engine tutorial (on Help > Cheat Engine Tutorial)