Cheats and QR codes

there is no cheat engine anymore! also we cannot use QR codes. why? we used to do in the past. I used to set camera mode to the QR image but there is no camera mode now!

Cheats no longer exist as Citra is still in development, and the memory layout is subject to change. We didn’t want people getting used to a mechanism which we will inevitably break at many points.

The camera stuff has been pushed back into the future (it was removed from the main camera PR to avoid introducing too many things at once). This will return at some point.

Although cheats and QR codes ARE NOT supported you can still do some cheating.

In my experience you can use Cheat Engine to change some values. I’m only a notice CE user and I’ve already been able to change things like currency in several games. So results in general would be very hit or miss, just make sure you turn “Fast Scan” off when finding your values.

Just be careful when using CE, and even more so when using it on in development software like this. You could end up messing with the in-game triggers and/or creating incompatibility.

No cheats soon. Gateway cheats used in 3DS require specific memory addressing & modification. That is pretty complex, & can lead to severe instability while changing builds. U dont want to lose ur save file while updating to the latest build, do you ?

Camera is also quite complex, but IT CAN BE DONE. But as @Selby said, it will return later.