Cheats doesn't works

It seems that citra doesn’t detect the cheats, even when i assure that were in the right format/path

System Information

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try running citra as admin.

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I tried, doesn’t work :c

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I heard it was removed for causing problems

its working just fine on the latest canary build. @Deathgasm i just noticed now :man_facepalming: that some of your cheat names/description don’t have brackets on them, this is likely what is causing citra to not recognize these cheats.

That would not make them not appear, as there are some cheats with squared bracketed descriptors.

My first guess is that the cheat file is not in the correct location:

C:\usuarios[Winlogin Name]\AppData\Roaming\Citra\cheats

Because the named file and the game ID are correct. Have a look at my cheats window for Pokemon Sun:

If you look at it closely, you will notice that I left a line purposely unformated to see where it would appear and if it would mess with the cheats.

Said line appears in the “code” window, but not on the “notes” window, and it doesn’t affect the cheat. It works perfectly even with that line.

In the case of Deathgasm’s cheat file, as there are some cheats with bracketed descriptors, those should appear in the “available cheats” window.

My guess is that if Citra found the cheat file, it would put a few cheats in the cheat window (though I doubt they would work, by the way). As it doesn’t show any cheat at all, Citra cannot find or read the cheat file for some reason.

Hello, my cheat folder is in the right path, right codes but they don’t work (only max money does) What’s the cause and what are possible fixes?