Cheats for pokemon

Just wanted to ask for some help because i was able to do it on android before but now they wont work. I started playing omega ruby and was trying to put cheats but for some reason they wont work even when they are copied correctly and within a cheat folder.

Make sure the cheat code matches your Citra update version. Also double check what Citra build you’re using. If you’ve used an unofficial build in the past, the location of the user folder (and thus the cheats folder) may differ between versions.

Im using the one from the play store idk if that counts for anything but im trying to find a more up to date list of the cheats.

Sorry, I meant your game update version. My mistake. Basically a cheat code made for version 1.2 won’t work on 1.1, and so on so forth. Similarly, mods or randomizations also mess with cheat codes.