Cheats option question


is the cheat option really back now on the citra emulator

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Yes! minimum characters

hey staff

can you guyss re add in the add cheats button please

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I was going to comment, but I forgot. Cheats are back, more or less.

The problem is that there is no in-game way to add or edit cheats, and Citra doesn’t reload the cheat file.

If you want to use cheats, you have to create a cheat file in the “cheats” folder using the game ID as filename.

And if you want to change the cheat, you have to close Citra, edit the cheat file, and reload Citra and the game.

The in-game User Interface allows you to see which cheats are available, and enable or disable them, but nothing else.

Still, it’s better than nothing.

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i remember when the cheats were first added on citra a long time ago, it had a add cheats button on it

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when is the add cheats button gonna come back

why no add cheats button

There’s no cheats folder though…

The developer of the cheats feature is currently on Christmas vacation.
When he is back, he will add a proper cheats UI.