Cheats Won't Save

I’m trying to use the “No Outline” cheat, but after creating the cheat and clicking save, the cheat isn’t there. Not sure if this is a build bug or if it’s the game. Any clue? I’m on the Bleeding Edge build that came out tonight if the Update.exe works, if it doesn’t then I’m on the build from a few days ago.

System Information

  • Operating System: Win10
  • CPU: i7-4770
  • GPU: GTX 750Ti
  • Citra Version: HEAD-1feae30
  • Game: Pokemon Moon

You need to create the “cheats” folder in the %appdata%\Citra directory, then the cheats will save.

@Flamboyant_Ham Thanks. Just to clarify for anyone that may have the same issue here’s what you do:

Right click on the “Citra” shortcut on your desktop -> “Open file location” -> Click the Up Arrow until you are back to “App Data” -> Roaming -> Citra -> Create a new folder called “cheats”.

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