Check how your CPU will perform in Citra!

Warning: This list may (or may not) be accurate.

I recently saw a spike of threads that said: “What’s the best CPU for Citra / Can my PC run Citra?”.
As Citra mainly relies on single core performance, there is a website that updates and fills out this task.
Currently, the i7-7700K takes the lead on single core performance, while my i3-6100 takes the 93rd place.

How did you know your position.My cpu is i5-2400 3.10 ghz!!
EDIT:My cpu’s rank is 351.

Take these rankings with a grain of salt.

It also depends on supported CPU features, what kind of OS you use, what version of Citra (and how it was compiled) and also what GPU + drivers.

How an application performs is a rather complex problem. The best method of knowing is by actually trying it.


it would make sense that the i3 7350k is on the top, given that intel designed it to be a budget gaming cpu, 2 cores/4 threads and video games are still a single core performance hungry.

come to think of it this might actually be a great for emulation use, since most emulators won’t use more than 2 cores anyway, this cpu might be a great candidate for emulation purposed machine (if you want to build that for any reason)

There’s ways to use N cores in citra for certain tasks like shaders, texture decoding, Y2R streaming and certain game threads. It’s just hard to set up properly and that’s a big question for the future. Maybe thread pooling or a good task library will be needed in that time. This, however, requires that citra reaches enough accuricy for thinking into refactors.