CIrcle mod doesn't work - pokemon omega ruby


How can I active the function circle mod? It’s set to “D” but doesn’t work and i cannot sneak on pokemon omega ruby. Plz someone help me


Close citra and open the folder C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Citra\config and delete the qt-config.ini file. open citra, launch your game. try the circle mod, hold the ‘D’ keys and try walking with the keyboard arrows keys.


Don’t work :frowning:


Someone help plz!!!


what are your system specs? OS, CPU GPU? upload your log.


Linux Mint 19.1
Intel Core i5 inside
GeForce 920MX


Hold D instead of pressing D plus the circle pad keys (arrow keys)


On linux your qt-config.ini file is located on ~/.local/share/citra-emu/config, close citra and delete that file and do what @Takeshineale128 said above.


Don’t work I will give up and play another pokemon game wicht don’t need to sneak


i just tested on ubuntu mate 18.04.1 with the latest canary build and it worked, though i changed the circle pad to WASD and the circle mod to RShift.

try it again and upload your log.